Hi there, I’m Gina! A Phoenix Arizona native. Born, raised, and now raising my family in beautiful sunny Scottsdale.

Secret Garden Magic Salt is my delicious, nutrition, and efficient creation.

Since I was a little girl, allllll I wanted to be was a loving, nurturing mom, wife, and home maker.

Little Gina played with babydolls for hours and loved to make up recipes in the kitchen.

The beautiful manifestation of my dreams came true, with a few bumps and challenges along the way of course.

As my family grew, we faced some mental and physical health challenges.

Our journey took us on a windy healing path that led us to diet and lifestyle changes. Particularly removing toxins.

For the first time I really heard and understood the magnitude of the quote “food is thy medicine, medicine is thy food”.

After quickly being overwhelmed with this new knowledge, on all kinds of toxins in our lives…. I stopped, took a deep breath, and committed to making slow little changes.

One of the small, yet hugely impactful changes I needed to make, was with the Garlic Salt I was using to season everyyyyythinggg with.

I loved to cook and needed this new lifestyle to work with me.

Over the next month I used my creative love for cooking and my new passion for healing with food as our medicine to create the most PERFECT organic seasoning blend. A combination of quality organic ingredients. Not salty at all, just yummmmmyyyyy flavor power and awesome food medicine power. 


I can't wait for you to sprinkle the Magic on all your bites too!