The perfect blend

A hand crafted blend of organic Garlic and Onion, paired with the perfect amount of Himalayan Salt, and just enough Black Pepper for seasoning perfection.

Extremely flavorful and yet not saltly.

Transforming simple foods into explosive bites!

Use generously for best results.

Where the Magic began...


I just love it! Not only does it enhance the flavor but smells so fresh!! I couldn't believe how tasty eggs could be.


This salt is unreal amazing. I crave it. So so good.


We are obsessed with Magic Salt!! We've already busted into our refill bag.


Everyone's favorite

Kids love it!

Kids love the taste of Secret Garden Magic Salt. They enjoy it on their veggies, meat, popcorn, or just about anything they are eating.

Magic Salt contains 84 highly absorbable trace minerals their body needs daily. It is also full of key antioxidants and vitamins their body needs to fight disease.

Teach your kids that these benefits help harness their Super Powers. These key ingredients fuel the brain and affects every cell in their body for the good.

Encourage your kids to sprinkle it on their own food. And even if they overpour (as they will) it's ok, because it is allllllll good for them.

*Education, Autonomy, and Empowerment are 3 of our Secret Garden Living Pillars. More to come on this soon.

Chefs love it!

Secret Garden Magic Salt provides staples for every recipe. Garlic, Onion, good Salt, and Pepper. Magic Salt has the highest quality artesian ingredients that have been hand crafted to the perfect blend.

Non Cooks Love it!

Even those who "don't cook" love it.

Imagine you have a plate with bland rice, chicken, and broccoli on it. Simple, boring.... Let Secret Garden Magic Salt save your day!

First drizzle each item with Avocado or Olive Oil and then generously sprinkle Magic Salt allllllllll over every bite! And watch your taste buds thank you!

Secret Garden Magic Salt turns everyone into a Chef!!

All with just one jar!

It is as efficient as it is delicious.